Thursday, November 4, 2010


“Milk” (2008)
         Milk is a biographical film of Harvey Milk, particularly his life in San Francisco campaigning and his death as an elected official. This film depicts the life of Harvey Milk during his culturally inspired political campaign against anti-gay propositions in Californian and some of the tactics he used. The film in itself was used as such against a more recent anti-gay proposition that to be voted on two weeks after the film was released.

“The Times of Harvey Milk”
         This is in-depth documentary of Harvey Milk and his life in politics. The documentary focuses on his dissonant relationship with political opponent Dan White, who later murdered Milk along with the current mayor, George Mascone.

"The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk"

I have not actually looked at this source, but apparently it is one of the few written works I have been able to find. Hopefully, I will get it (via the cuny graduate center) in time to write the essay.


  1. Both great sources- are you going to write about these films, as films and political works of art, or use them to talk about the two campaigns (prop. 6 and prop. 8, as we discussed)? Both would be great approaches; selecting will help you focus. When you've decided, go ahead and begin drafting, using the outline I gave you in class.

  2. (In responsed to updated draft of 12/8): This is a really strong draft - the speicifcs you've added help a lot and the language does feel a lot tighter.

    Here is one sentence I'd look at again: "This effect of the stakes becoming ever higher for the gay community also began to shed light on the issues at hand leading to the inquiry of society into this “phenomenon of homosexuality” that began to grow as the subject gained more media and trans-social attention" - what do you mean by 'trans-social' - can you give some examples or evidence about this increased attention and how it relates to the act of coming out?

    I also like the addition of the specific idea of Christian ideology as playing a role in creating the descimination that makes this movement necesssary: here too, can you give evidence that this was behind Proposition 6 or other acts of homophobia?

    Really great, strong, smart writing on a great topic. Keep at it! And see me about the possibility of submitting to LaGuardia's research paper contest.